Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Five Days a Week

Can you believe, we are now averaging about five different pies a week. Now, we're not only fattening ourselves up, but the neighborhood too ; )

For now though, I wanted to share some pictures from this week.

That's me...ha!

Cookie crust, covered in chocolate, and sprinkled with chopped peanuts...oh my!

So as you can see, I'm having trouble departing from my other birds. I decided to take it slow, and found comfort in this set up : )

Aviana Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Pie

Some say this was our best yet!

Pie. It's what's for breakfast!

Mmmm...breakfast of champions!

We decided to try a Pear Cranberry Pie next.


The crumb topping was amazingly good...it had ground up walnuts and pecans in it ; )

This one tasted really good, but super earthy. We decided to call it,

The Hippie From Brickippsee Pie

This next one really intrigued me! I wanted to make it, even though I wasn't so sure we'd like it. It's called a Lemon Shaker Pie. I love the taste of lemon, but don't like meringue, so I thought this might work out well.

It was quite the process. The interesting thing about it is ~ you use the lemon rind. Yep, you heard that right. The rind

We cut the lemons into paper thin slices. We tried to use our mandoline, but that wasn't happening, so it was out with the knives! The Guy was much better at slicing, than me. I almost lost a finger, or two!  We then added the zest of the lemon, salt and sugar and stirred it all up. 

Next, you cover and store at room temperature overnight.

Look who also wanted to be part of The Lemon Shaky.

Her Auntie Dinah and Uncle Sean went to Paris and London over the holidays. Look what they brought back...the sweetest little apron ; )

Did you know Rainey also doubles as a bird? When we are cooking/baking, she sometimes perches on the couch. At times, I even think she's going to attempt a jump!

Kama's brother Zander stayed with us all last week (which was often times unbearably difficult for me.)

He's saying, "Pie? Is it good? Okay, just one bite please?!?"

There you have it the...

Come on Shake, Shake it Pie!

Isn't it beautiful inside?

Oh my goodness, this slice is so neat looking.

It was really good, too!

The lemon filling was accompanied by one of our flakiest crusts yet.

I think I'm going to have to hit this one up again right now.

Bye ~ off to have another bite of ~ Pie!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Mmm, Mmm, Good

Like I said, we start by eating.

MY GOSH this pie filling was over the moon! We decided to add vanilla paste (vanilla bean and extract perfectly concocted into a paste : ) instead of just plain vanilla extract. It was supremely good!

And Rainey too! 

Even the birds had to get in on this action.

This pie was made before the bird standoff.

I swear.

What lies beneath...

I don't know if you can see, but I said what the hell...and used the paste in place of the extract in the whip cream too. Once again...OH MY GOSH!! It was so good and so beautiful. The entire thing was flecked with vanilla bean!

The Guy named this one, and I love it...

Banana Re-PIE-blic.

So beautiful.

So messy.

As hard as we tried, and as much as we researched, it oozed...bad ; (

Back to the books.

You too Avi ; )

Yep, That's What We're Talking About!

We start by eating ; )

This one was called, 

That's Just Peachy

Reason being ~ we had a few problems with it. Apparently, people still liked this bad boy!

I don't personally like peach pie.

That same night, after the Peach ~ we created this epic fail! It was a made up pie, and aside from the awesome cookie crust and the whip cream....let's just say ~ it was trashed.

I can't tell you the names for this one. They were too nasty to publish. I'll give you our G rated version though...

She Wore a Raspberry Sorbet Pie

 Not to be confused with our, She Wore a Raspberry Beret Pie
(which was the best pie EVA)

This was us trying to somehow fix it. Adding whip cream and chocolate to anything seemed like a reasonable attempt to us ; )

Next up ~ I always wanted to try these Mason Jar pies. We had left over pumpkin cream cheese mix, so I gave it a whirl.

Pumpkin Pie in a Pot!?!

I added some whip cream, and these came out really good!

My mom saw these on a show and wanted me to give them a try. I had some left over chocolate ganache, so I did. 

Chempenada Por Tu'

Although it sprung a leak, it was really good!
 The Guy chowed the whole thing down (sans one starter bite) and brought the empty plate back in from the office. I said, hey! Where's my bites?!? He said he thought I made two, and was eating mine in the kitchen!

We're getting pretty creative at sneaking baked goods ; )

This would be Round Two of the ~

Mmm....Mmm...Good....Chocolatey Chocolate Pie! 

Beautiful, and tasted great, but oozed out the sides. 

Grrrr!!!!!  Those darn cream pies!

This is the one we made, as I was blogging at all hours of last night.

I love me some Beatles and John Lennon. So much so, that my whole room, floor to ceiling, in high school was -

The Beatles

For that reason, this one was called...

Blackberry Singing in the Dead of Night...
Take These Broken Wings and Learn to Fly

I always lose a few while waiting for the pie to come out of the oven!

They look so much prettier in their before pictures ; ) 

Have we all had enough of the birds as props? I decided from now on, we're going to take this pie show on the road. 

Did you guys know we have a fish? 

I'll leave you with this ; )

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

This Week in Pie

Aviana was in the kitchen with us the whole time, so we called this one ~

"Miki Mud Pie"

"Would You Like Some Cream Cheese with Your Pumpkin Pie?"

The Guy and I made this one tonight for Valentine's Day. This was our very first double crust pie.