Thursday, August 23, 2012

Baby Got Her Lattice

You may remember Todd Lynn, our constant. Well his favorite pie is Rhubarb. We were going to his house for dinner, so Dave and I made him one. 

really wanted to try this new lattice top I saw in one of my new recipe books, so I showed Dave and asked, "Do you think we can do this one?" Dave cracks me up, he said..."Whatever my baby wants, my baby gets. My baby wants that lattice, my baby gets that lattice!"

And that I did! We did it!

Todd's wife wanted to take a picture of the pie and me. I said, no way! So Todd, got in the picture...much better. 

You, me, and a pie...

Did you notice I found a place to wear my cowboy boots though ; )

My gosh, do I love these people, they had us over, and they are the best ever. They love and care for Avi in a way I barely ever see.

Melts my heart.

Todd, Elaine ~
I love you both to pieces.

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